Wedding Dress Restoration Services

280-vintageVintage clothing that has either not been cleaned or properly stored through the years may turn yellow over time and soil spots will appear as yellowish or brown in color.

Depending on the strength of the fibers, condition of the fabric, type of stain or soil, many of these conditions can be reversed or remedied by our trained specialists.

Heirloom Restoration is a very labor intensive process and is done in stages to protect the fabric, while achieving the desired original appearance of the garment.

Bridal Gown Care has experience and training in restoration processing and can achieve amazing results with vintage clothing.

Many times, bridal gowns have lost the Opulent Brightness that gives the garment the glowing look. And it just needs to be restored through the restoration process to return it to it’s original look and remove the dingy overall appearance.

In some instances, the gown doesn’t need to be vintage to have lost it’s glowing look. Some gowns that have hung on the rack for a long period of time, sample gowns from 2 or 3 seasons ago tend to fall into this category, lose their luster and just need to be restored. Bridal Gown Care has the ability, expertise, and equipment to meet these needs and give the gown the appropriate treatment and process to return it to its original appearance.

Please contact us for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION regarding the restoration of your special heirloom gown. Call us at (562) 494-3200 or drop us a line using our online inquiry form for more information and to schedule an appointment to visit with us. We will be happy to view your gown with you and explain in more detail the cleaning process, and answer any questions you may have about care for your gown.

Total Bridal Gown Care has been serving Southern California brides since 1994 and are happy to answer any questions about the care of your special gown. We provide our services to brides throughout Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange County, The Inland Empire and San Diego County.