Pre-Wedding Cleaning

280-dress-cleaningIf you have chosen a pre-worn gown, an off the rack gown, or a sample gown for your special day, chances are another bride or brides have worn the gown. Whether for 10 or 15 minutes, or longer, someone else has had it on.

There may be a spot, or a stain on the outside of the gown which you intend to have removed. However, “spot cleaning” is not always just removal of the soil area. Think of a glass top table….it looks clean and clear, until you run your finger over it and then you realize there is a very fine film of dust on it, and now your finger streak really shows up. The same applies to a spot on a garment. When the spot or soil is removed, the area around now is clearer, brighter, perhaps more white than the rest of the gown, and ultimately the garment must be cleaned.

More importantly, when a gown is tried on by several brides, such an off the rack or sample gown, her scent can become imbedded in the bodice fibers. On your wedding day, with emotions and excitement running high, your body heat can bring out those fiber fragrances and all of a sudden, you may catch a whiff of a smell that is definitely NOT YOU……and then you begin to wonder…..does my husband smell that scent? Can anyone else smell what I smell? The very last thing you should be concerned with on your wedding day is what your gown smells like.

Easy Solution….have your gown cleaned by Bridal Gown Care, the Southern California experts in making your dress perfect for your special day, so that you have satisfaction knowing you won’t have any surprises on your wedding day.

And if your gown has been cleaned, by another bride, and you know that no one has worn the gown since it’s been cleaned, then all you need is a final press just before your wedding day.

Whether you are getting married locally or traveling to a destination wedding, we offer all the services you need to have your gown ready when you’re ready to put it on.

Remember, we provide Total Bridal Gown Care for your special day. We are not a corner dry cleaner. All services are done locally by our trained bridal specialists. Follow these links to learn more about our Wedding Dress Alterations, Wedding Gown Preservation services, or drop us a line using our online inquiry form for more information and to schedule an appointment to visit with us.