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After your Wedding Day, it is important to have your wedding dress properly cleaned by someone you can trust and someone with expertise.  Bridal Gown Care has years of experience and expertise to provide the proper care and treatment for your wedding dress, and hundreds of happy brides throughout Southern California have trusted us with their wedding gown.

Los Angeles Wedding Gown Cleaners

Since 1994, we have specialized in Wedding Gown Cleaning, Preservation and Heirloom Wedding Gown Restoration. We are not “just a corner dry cleaner.” Be careful who you choose to clean and preserve your wedding dress. Without the appropriate expertise, credentials, experience, and care, the result could be irreparable damage to your treasured wedding gown.

Every gown brought to Bridal Gown Care is thoroughly examined prior to and after cleaning to make sure the beading and fabrics are appropriately and safely treated. Bridal Gown Care has state-of-the-art dry cleaning, wet cleaning and finishing equipment, which when used by our experienced specialists, will provide the best care available for your wedding keepsake.

Bridal Gown Care only uses pure “green cleaning” methods, and guarantees “No Drycleaning Smell.” Sugars are not dissolved during ordinary dry cleaning and our unique Anti-Sugar Stain Treatment is included in our cleaning process. This unique process, not used by cleaners with who have little or no experience with wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation, has been featured in all the popular wedding planning magazines. It ensures that all sugar, salt and acid stains — seen or unseen — are removed. This is a critical requirement of proper wedding gown preservation and storage.

As a result of this unique process, Bridal Gown Care offers a 100% written guarantee against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of your heirloomed bridal gown. After cleaning, Bridal Gown Care will preserve your heirloomed gown in our exclusive 100% acid free archival chest. We also use 100% acid free tissue to keep your gown from having permanent creases and folds. The chest also has a acid free window so you can view your gown while it is safely boxed in storage.

Remember, with Bridal Gown Care you get:

  • Free consultations and helpful advice to care for your wedding dress on the day of your wedding
  • Peace of Mind (we’re experts!)
  • A Lifetime Guarantee in writing that guarantees our workmanship
  • Pick-up and delivery service is available in Los Angeles and throughout Orange County

Your Total Bridal Gown Care Experts

Don’t forget we also offer wedding dress alterations, wedding dress restoration (we’ve restored some incredibly special wedding dresses to their original beauty), and wedding dress preservation.

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