After the Wedding

280-with-border-bride-couchBefore the wedding, your dress is one of the most important points of attention, but somehow, after the wedding, your gown gets hung in the closet and becomes an after-thought “oh yes, I need to get my gown cleaned… someday.” Click here to contact us for more information.

You have probably invested more in this single garment than in any other garment you have ever purchased… and only worn probably one time. You definitely want to protect your investment and not wait too long to have your gown cleaned.

If there are no major spills or stains, you can wait up to 6 months to clean your gown without any major cleaning issues. If you do have visible spills or stains on the gown, the sooner you have it cleaned, the better, so the fibers will not become embedded with the soil and perhaps change color, making the stain removal more difficult.

There will generally always be hemline soil… floor dirt is light gray in color. Darker stains or spots on the hemline will occur if you walk outside, through a parking lot, across a street, on the grass, in the woods or any other area where the hemline will pick up what is on the ground. Click here to contact us for more information.

If you have a dance floor at your reception, and it appears to be wooden or parquet, it probably will have some type of oil on it to make it shine, as wax would make it slippery. Oil however, can become embedded in the fibers of your hemline, and when mixed with the floor dirt, now makes a composition of soil that if left uncleaned, can turn color over time and possibly damage the fabric along the hemline.

Soil that is not removed timely, reacts much like an apple when cut and left in the air for a while….it starts to turn brown in color. The same applies to clothing stains…..not so quickly….generally over time….years, but if on your 5th anniversary, you decide to get your gown out to see if it still fits, and to your surprise, there are brown spots down the front. Those generally are the results of invisible stains….ones you can’t see when they occur, but ultimately show up in time.

If you decide to sell your gown, or keep it, it should be cleaned. If you are selling your gown, the gown specialists at Bridal Gown Care can provide photos of the gown, along with the major measurements, especially if you have had it altered, so that you can provide a buyer with key information to perhaps close your sale. We will also provide a letter stating how and when the gown was cleaned to verify that she is purchasing a cleaned gown.

We would be pleased to provide you with additional information on cleaning your wedding gown. Click here.